I Love New York

The recently posted Beef on Weck served as a reminder of just how many great regional recipes come from Upstate and Western New York. Here are a few of my favorites that you may have missed. To see the full post and recipe, just click on the title, and away you go. Enjoy!

Chicken Riggies

The pride of Utica! Easy and delicious, this is Italian-American comfort food at it's finest.

Chicken Spiedies

This sandwich hails from Binghamton, and besides learning a great, new chicken recipe, you'll also learn what "zuzu" is.

Syracuse Salt Potatoes

Not only is this Syracuse salt potatoes recipe one of the most delicious ways to cook baby spuds, it’s also one of the most interesting.

Cornell Chicken

Despite being invented by an Ivy League professor, this simple grilled chicken recipe is nothing short of amazing.